I am constantly pursuing my passion for film and my own development. Below are my current projects in various states of development. I am alway interested in partnerships. If you wish to know further CONTACT me.

STYLE: History/Arts/Animation/Education Documentary | 90 minutes
AVAILABLE: Proposal – Treatment – Topsheet Budget
Written & Directed by Anthony Straeger

OUTLINE: One of Germany’s most famous artists and poets remains unknown to the rest of the world. His legacy as the Godfather of the modern cartoon and his outspoken nature makes him a compelling and original subject for a landmark English language documentary.

  • Wilhelm Busch is one of Germany best known and most loved artists and poets
  • His most famous work Max and Moritz (1837)  (sold 430,000 copies over 56 editions by 2008)
  • By 1997 Max and Moritz had been translated into 281 Languages and Dialects

There has never been an English Language documentary about this man and his phenomenal body of work. The objective is to create a first documentary on his life and works and secondly to create a new animation of Max and Moritz (his most famous Bilderposse) using the original artwork.

PARTNERS:Max Moritz by Wilhelm Busch

ArtBox (Lithuania) Animators
tonbüro GmbH (Berlin) Sound
Wilhelm Busch Museum (Germany)

Wilhelm Busch poster
STYLE: Comedy Short
LENGTH: 12 minutes – Shooting Summer 2018
Written & Directed: Anthony Straeger
DOP : Jens Schiwick

SYNOPSIS: Benny’s a Bad Bunny, he sells drugs to children. But that’s not why he’s in trouble. Vinnie the Vipers’s his boss and as mean and ugly as it gets! Maria the Minx is Vinnie’s wife and Benny has made the cardinal mistake… The question is… will he survive his ordeal.

Denis Lyons – Benny the Bunny
Joachim P. Assboeck – Vinnie the Viper
Denise Balaz – Maria the Minx
Bad Bunny Poster