Scripts Completed

Belowis a list of some of the recent productions that are either in Post Production or completed and  available. I have a range of short scripts available and if you are interested in having something either custom written or looking at the catalogue please CONTACT me.

GENRE: Mockumentary/Comdey
STATUS: Post Production – Completion End of 2018
LENGTH: 80 minutes
Director: Oneil Sharma
Writers: Oneil Sharma and Anthony Straeger

TAGLINE: No Gods, No Masters… I am an Anarchist!

LOGLINE: The picture you see doesn’t always reveal the truth.

OUTLINE: A documentary film crew decide to make a film about one of Berlin’s most interesting characters, Marco, a man who has spent several years living in its 19 Fotoautomaten (photobooths). His reason? He is on a protest mission against an increasingly capitalistic society. However, the story unravel and the crew discovers that this interesting character has a dark side. When a mystery surrounds the disappearance of first, a drug dealer and then their cameraman, suspicious fall upon the Fotoautomat Man. But, with no evidence or proof… There is no case. The director desperately keep his production moving forward, but filming can become a gets a little difficult when you can’t find your cameraman!

STYLE: Sci-fi/drama – 4 minutes – Completed 2018
Director: Dave Lojek
Writer: Anthony Straeger

OUTLINE: A man reads his suicide note, but finds more questions than answers. This was based on an actual suicide note and questions each time/space temporal paradox.

The film was shot in Poland 2018 and has been translated from English to Polish / German / Russian / French / Italian / Spanish / Hebrew.

I CAME FROM THE FUTURE is currently doing the Festival Circuit.


STYLE: Comedy – 5 minutes – Completed 2018
Director: Dave Lojek
Writer: Anthony Straeger

TAGLINE: Sierra is an undrcover agent and she loves cheesecake. But she doesn’t like Austin, because he is a SNITCH!

SYNOPSIS: Sierra is a spy who loves cheesecake. Whatever the day or job in hand she has a flavour to suit her mood and today her mood is not good. Her informant Austin has arrived, and she wants answers. Will he give them freely or will she have to punish him to get what she wants?

The script was written in English, but translated and shot in French.