I am an experienced scriptwriter, director, script editor and script consultant. This website has details of available and completed scripts and projects along with information about articles and publications.

Hailing from God’s County (Yorkshire) in England, I completed my BA in English and Drama at York University. As an actor and filmmaker I have been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years and written and directed a number of films from shorts, documentaries and features including my first Call of the Hunter a low-budget, but successful comedy horror movie. Fotoautomat Man (Co-written with O’neil Sharma) a mocumentary comedy set in Berlin is in post-production and due for release in 2019. My latest project is adapting the script from the book The Devil Finds Work written by Ian McKnight.

I Came From The Future produced by Apeiron Films is a sci-fi short currently on the festival circuit. My latest screenplay The Kamenka Experiment won Best Feature Screenplay at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and Best Horror Screenplay at iHOLLY International Film Festival.

Whilst writing a script I often create a ‘movie poster’ to help as part of the visualization process and you will see this through the website.

As a lover of time management, I wrote a book and course entitled ‘Managing your time and become happy’ – Why? –  Because the subject has amused, confused and helped me over my career. There is also a series of articles to support this on my LinkedIn page.

Currently, I am a Festival Director for the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest, the first of its kind in Germany. We had a very successful first two year and 2019 is already shaping up to be bigger and better.