Corporate Work

As an actor, my corporate work has involved presenting and narration for live and video productions. I have performed for companies ranging from TIGI, Vauxhall, Life Fitness, Beckman Coulter and Nokia.

My first corporate writing job

Came after I had complained to a client saying: Who writes this shit! The client turned around and said: Actually, I did. Do you think you can do better? That was a red rag to a bull, and I said: It is hard to do much worse! Sometime later, he contacted me with an outline for a new show and said: Here’s the brief – Let us see if you can do better.

It was challenging

Technical content, Corporate Branding, Brand Identification – But I completed the script, and he also gave me the job as the presenter. We started rehearsals on a cold day in Birmingham. As I was reading the script with my scene partner, I remember thinking: Who writes this shit! – The point is, writing in the corporate world is a difficult one.

Over the last three decades, my corporate work has evolved, and there have been many great projects. I have worked as a scriptwriter, script editor, translator, transcriber and subtitler. It has taken a long time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. You can download my CV HERE.


Script Writing – Script Editing – Subtitling – Audio Description

Script Writing, Editing & Development

Scriptwriting for corporate videos and shows is always a daunting but exciting prospect. You must consider all elements, from the set to the performers, props, and music. It’s all about blending – It requires a mindset that looks at every angle.

  1. Write with purpose.

What are you trying to achieve? What is the goal of your project? These are the first questions.

  1. Know your audience.

Identify the target audience before moving onto the style and tone.

  1. Decide on a tone.

Once we know your audience, we determine the tone we will use.

  1. Value simplicity.

Creating a product these days is like making the perfect ice cream cone. The cone, candy sprinkles, and chocolate sauce are all great, but what people want to buy is the ice cream.

  1. Shorter is better.

For a live show, the length combines visual action with compelling text. But for a video, the more concise is always best.

Script Samples

Corporate Work McKinsey Knowledge Corporate Video

L’Oreal and ESA live

The theme and inspiration came from the Bordellos of Paris and set to the backdrop of the French Revolution. It combined traditional chic with  inspirational beauty.

Here is the show script View PDF

McKinsey Solutions
(4 minute Video)

The brief was to get away from talking heads videos set in offices and deliver something more theatrical and engaging. I took them at their word and offered a theatre backdrop idea.

Here is the script View PDF

TIGI and ESA live

In 2013, TIGI developed a series of live fashion/hair shows incorporating various themes over the next few years. This was the first set to the BLADE RUNNER theme.

Here is the VT script View PDF

McKinsey & Company
UNISOL – Introduction to the Growth challenge (4 minute Video)

The first of several scripts created as a case study for McKinsey recruited consultants. It was produced for McKinsey Berlin.

Here is the script View PDF

Subtitling and Transcriptions

Over the years, I have transcribed and subtitled many videos and films. Today it is possible to have your videos and movies transcribed and a subtitle file created by AI online. And of course, this is at a fraction of the cost. Below are some samples to give you the idea of how I work.

The subtitling software I use and find most suitable for my mac set up are JUBLER & AEGIS.


Is something I have become interested in. It is a form of narrative information surrounding main visual events in various types of media work. It works in film, TV, theatrical, museum or visual exhibitions. They specifically benefit blind and visually impaired consumers. The narrations are placed during natural pauses in the audio. This I feel is a development that I can apply myself to in light of my experience.

Learn, develop and create a sustainable impact

Information Promotional Video (video link)

Brief: Perform a script edit and perform a narration.

The film was created as part of the 2013 – 2014 WHU General Management Plus Program. It shows the business impact project taking place in Kiri Vong, Cambodia.

The First Choice Way

Internal Information Video (Transcription link)

Brief: Transcription and subtitles for the video.

First Choice is the name of a program  Deutsche Post DHL Group run to improve themselves and make life easier for there customers.


Promotional Video used internally by McKinsey Solutions (video link)

Brief: Subtitle for provided text.

Eleanor Shakiba shows how a GROW coaching session works.

The Story So Far 2013

Internal Information Video (Transcription link)

Brief: Transcribe video content and add subtitles to video.

McKinsey believes that lean is much more than a “toolkit” or a methodology for removing waste. They transform how companies operate, focusing on creating a culture of continuous improvement with a new leadership approach.

Ather client include:


“It’s not often you find someone with Anthony’s pedigree, He is willing to write and shoot video using his professional  experience, and his always willing to go the extra mile. This makes him a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for script and video content.”

Simon Heatherington – Managing Director
Goodcall Internet Marketing Consultants

“A wholly professional outfit, happy to go the extra mile from inception to the finished project. A slick team producing cutting edge results that will enhance your company profile. Knowledgeable, creative and understanding of your budget and needs.”

Tarquin Shaw – Young Managing Director & Head of Casting
The Stagecoach Agency UK & Ireland

“I have been working with Anthony over a long period of time. We have evelopied a level of understanding and honest co-operation that is vital. We have worked together in the corporate and film market. And the outcome I believe for both of us has been  a success.”

Martin Shenton – Managing Director Regent Park Studio

“Anthony Streager provides a fantastic, 100% reliable and cost effective service. He produced two films for me, one at 24hrs notice at a Wildlife Reserve in the depths of Cumbria in very bad weather! In all respects, I have found him friendly, highly professional, able to produce top quality films with imagination, flair, but without the flashy overheads to go with it. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jenny Burgess – Independent Producer

“Thanks once again for a great show, great script and a great delivery. Cheers.”

Mike Esa –  Managing Director, Esa Live