The Shakycam Zone

RAV returns for this second instalment, ready to tackle another director and their artistic chaos in THE SHAKYCAM ZONE. Our story continues from THE REALISTIC PROJECT, delving into a facet that often makes viewers queasy. It’s a realm where unsteady, erratic camera work has become a director’s go-to tool, supposedly boosting their artistic credibility to nauseating heights. Here’s what the HUFFPOST had to say about it.

Join us as we navigate this intriguing shift in filmmaking, where what was once condemned as amateurish now garners praise in the name of realism.

Part 2 - The Poison Theory


Logline: When a director’s love for shaky handheld shots creates motion sickness in his actor, a battle of artistic vision ensues, but who will win?

Synopsis: The nerve-jangling nausea produced by shaky camera shots creates tension and artistic confrontation between the director and his actor. As they meet face-off, their differences blur the lines between reality and filmmaking fantasy as they explore the impact of creative choices on the actors and audience alike.


Rav – O’neil Sharma
Director – D. Robert Errey
Narrator – Martin Bacher
Sound Engineer – Oleg Karpenko
Singer – Anthony Straeger


Writer & Director – Anthony Straeger
1st AD – Alex Pfander
DOP – Philippe Rives
2nd Camera – Gianluca Bonifazi


Sound & Mix – Patrick Dueren
Music – Mirko Rizzello
Theme Song – Klaus Pfreundner
Stills – Philippe Rives

The Director
The Narrator
The Actor

Notes from the Writer/Director

Shaky camera work is supposed to embrace the realism in films (Saving Private Ryan / The Blair Witch Project), immersing the viewers in raw, documentary-like experiences. Despite its emotional impact and tension-building qualities, the technique faces continuing criticism for inducing motion sickness and distracting from the narrative. With advancing cinematic technology intensifying sensory experiences, a question arises: Should filmmakers reconsider shaky camera work to prioritize viewer comfort in an era where the moviegoing experience contends with various disruptions? THE SHAKYCAM ZONE takes a look at the question and offers a perspective.


The Shakycam Zone – Short Film Premiere Screening – 28th April 2024 – Berlin, DE.