What is and who are Wetknix Productions?

I know what you’re thinking and the comparison you’re making. So let us explain. Comparing NETFLIX, the giant of streaming, to WETKNIX Productions is like comparing a sleek, high-speed yacht to a quirky rubber ducky in a puddle. While NETFLIX sails smoothly with its polished content library, WETKNIX Productions proudly splashes around, creating offbeat films and mini-series that make you wonder, WTF! Why are we Wet, and do you really need our Knix… Only you can decide.

Our Productions


It’s hard to enjoy a film or TV series when it is too dark to see, too loud to hear, and the actors continue mumbling like they are chewing gravel after a night on the beer. The blame lies with the so-called artistic filmmakers and decision-makers who present their version of what is realistic. Our film explores the problems facing the viewing public today.

Produced: October 2022 – Release: 13th March 2023 – WEB PAGE

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The unsettling effects of shaky camera shots are known psychologically as the Poison Theory. While filmmakers strive for realism, the technique often induces motion sickness and detracts from storytelling. But the filmmakers sit smugly, knowing they avoided ‘Proper Filmmaking!’ Our second film in the series explores its impact and whether the pursuit of authenticity in cinema outweighs its potential drawbacks.

Produced: August 2023 – Release: 28th April 2024 – WEB PAGE


In this twist on the traditional Domestic Improvements DIY series, a shady gangster uses his criminal know-how to present his Household ‘Tips of the day’. Using a blend of no-nonsense delivery and criminal metaphors, he injects his irreverent style into every domestic revelation. Mundane household hacks transform into an unconventional guide, proving that tough guys can turn the ordinary into an unexpectedly whimsical adventure.

Web Series – Coming in 2024 – WEB PAGE

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