Scripts Available

Below is selection of scripts currently available for purchase or option as ‘Spec Scripts’. All the scripts  have a ‘Pitch Proposal’ available to download. For further information or a copy of the scripts please CONTACT me.
GENRE: Comedy/Horror Feature LENGTH: 83 minutes
STYLE: Toolbox Murder (2004) meets Carry On Screaming (1966)
LOGLINE: You can check in… But you can’t check out!
SYNOPSIS: The Park Hotel, Morecambe, England, is an abandoned and historic building with a truly dark past and this story is based on some of the myths. In our story, mystery has surrounded its nearly 200 year history and it is only when Stuart Jackson-Moore (a wealthy local) wants to breathe new life into the building and local economy. It is reopened as an apartment block, but as people start to disappear, questions have to be asked. When some disturbing discoveries are made about the original owner Edmund Parks, the fight to escape the building and Parks becomes increasingly sinister and desperate. CLICK FOR OVERVIEW DOCUMENT
Script Proof of concept

GENRE: Horror Feature – 90 minutes
STYLE: Das Experiment (2001) meets Hunger (2005)

LOGLINE: Who knows what doors are unlocked when you’re trapped without sleep.


The Defence News USA stated that US Special Operations Command has been developing performance-enhancing drugs to push the abilities and endurance of its forces beyond current limitations. PharmoTech International has been at the cutting edge of developing enhancement drugs for the military for decades, spending billions of dollars on development. Their new wonder drug ‘Kamenka 194‘ is ready for its final test to see if it can create a better, strong, faster and more aggressive soldier. Deep underground in a post-war nuclear bunker somewhere under the North Yorkshire Moors, five soldiers have been selected to take part in the experiment. Locked away in a chamber for  21 days all they have to do is survive their time inside. What happens to them psychologically and physically during confinement will shock the world if it ever gets out.
The Kamenka Experiement Poster

GENRE: Black Comedy/Crime Drama
STYLE: Shallow Graves (1994) meets Dead Man’s Shoes (2004)

LOGLINE: It’s the middle of the night and Charlene has just committed a hit-and-run… She might have gotten away with it if her victim hadn’t come home with her!

SYNOPSIS: Jack has lost everything through extreme depression, and now he’s on a slow journey to drink himself to death. On a late Friday night, Nurse Charlene drives home across the moors drunk and high on drugs. Losing concentration she fails to see Jack walk into the road and smashes into him. He crashes through her WINDSCREEN and becomes stuck. Unable to pull him out and believing him to be dead… Charlene, terrified of being found out, drives home, only to find to her horror that he is still very much alive and living in her garage. Added into the mix is a mistress, a nosy neighbour, an errant boyfriend and betrayal. The question is: Who will pay the ultimate price?


Windscreen Poster

GENRE: Psychological Horror
STYLE: The Machinist (2004) meets Fight Club (1999)

LOGLINE: Take one of life losers and a pinch of Schizophrenia, a Box Cutter Knife with a mind of it’s own and you have a receipt for disaster…. Psychologically – It’s a bit of a carve up!

SYNOPSIS: STAN is one of lifes great losers and suffering from low self-esteem has fumbled his way through life. Karen his long term girlfriend is feeling the strain of propping him up and life seems to be conspiring against him. STAN gets a calling… But is it from within… or is it real? Stanley is a box cutter with a mission and he calls to STAN to a meeting in a DIY store. Once the connection is made it seals the fate of both STAN and his victims. Wrestling with conscience and psychosis, he’s driven down a road of murder, madness and mayhem.


Stan Poster

GENRE: Horror
STYLE: REC (2007)  meets My Little Eye (2002)

LOGLINE: 1 game show, 6 contestants, 24 hour to play and £250,000 to the winner… It’s dead easy!

SYNOPSIS: SURVIVING THE MAZE is an Internet reality Game Show aimed at testing your fears and phobias in isolation, darkness and set in a place where contestants can compete to win £250,000. The catch is simple… Survive 24 hours against the Pharmotech walking dead. Pitched to some of the wealthiest and sickest people on the planet… This is nothing more than a highly covert snuff site. The six contestants having gone through what appears to be a legitimate casting process know nothing of the possible consequences. What seems like a good idea and fun to begin with turns into a horrible nightmare as they find themselves on 24 hour surveillance. It’s game on! Who will survive, who will win the cash prize. As they die one by one the game is on but not for money… But for survival.

SURVIVING THE MAZE is a sequal to THE KAMENKA EXPERIMENT and part of a trilogy concluding in BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW… DEAD!.


Surviving the Maze Poster