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Below is a selection of articles that appear on LinkedIn. The subject matter ranges from Writing, Time-Management, Film Festivals etc. If you are interested in discussing any of the subjects GET IN TOUCH. Click on the Title to go to the article.

Alook at how we define a films genre, using a selection of examples shown at the 2018 Berl;in Sci-fi Filmfest.

Essential information you need before you start wasting money on submitting to Film Festivals. FILM FESTIVAL, ORGANIZATION, PLANNING, TIME MANAGEMENT.

Starting a new project like Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest has made me realise that a new project takes a great deal of effort to set in motion. PROJECT MANAGEMENT, TIME MANAGEMENT.

Reflection on what was need and done to create a successful film festival. FILM FESTIVAL, BUSINESS.

As a filmmaker you don’t often think about anything outside film making. It’s certainly not a business venture I had ever considered but it is a satisfying one. FILM FESTIVALS.

The ‘First Act’ should be the easiest, because it is the most self-explanatory act there is. You introduce your hero, then your concept, send your hero out on their journey and Bob’s your uncle! But there is more to it. SCRIPT, WRITING.

Whether it is a personal or business biography, the chances are that somewhere along the line you will need one. Writing a biography requires care, skill and a little thought. ORGANISATION, WRITING, INFORMATION.

There has been a lot of crying and stamping of feet by many of the banks and financial institutions post ‘Brexit’. With the suggestion that they will leave London causing an ‘exodus’ of the said companies and their employees. POLITICAL RANT!

Not a lot of people know this, but ‘Horror Movies’ are good for you. Many people don’t like them because it brings fear and it makes no real sense to put yourself through. But science has proven that a shiver down the spine is good for you. FUN, HORROR, TIPS.

A friend asked me if I had any suggestions for script writing software and apps other than just Final Draft. Here are some options you may find interesting. SCRIPT WRITING, APPS, TIPS.

It seems that everyone I meet these days is or wants to be a life coach. “My passion is to help people find their passion.” “My purpose is to help people find their purpose.” If I hear see or read this again I think I am going to shoot somebody. PERSONAL RANT!

I’m a recovering addict to E-mail, Skype, Facebook and so many pointless fun online distractions. Over a short period of time you can lose hours, weeks, days avoiding the problem and hiding in your procrastination shell. TIME MANAGEMENT, PERSONAL RANT

Gaining support for a low-budget movie project and finding a way to compete in a flooded market is getting ever more difficult. This article makes a comparison between Moneyball and Fotoautmat Man. PERSONAL RANT, SCRIPT, TIME MANAGEMENT.

Project management is both an art and a science and there’s an art to planning well and mastering it won’t turn you into some kind of ‘Management Monster’. The art of planning gives space and improves creative options. TIME MANAGEMENT, ORGANISATION.

An interesting lesson learned after from the Superbowl… Not that defense wins over offense, but that confidence can be a winner and a killer. The one thing the Americans exhibit to the world better than any other nation is confidence. PERSONAL RANT!

From Benjamin Franklin to John Adams to Andy Warhol (like many other noted figures) the one thing these chaps had in common was that they kept a work diaries or journals.. Maybe you should too. TIME MANAGEMENT.

Am I the only one that notices the overuse of buzzwords. The Internet and social media are the perfect breeding ground for Idioms so it’s easy to see why the practice has increased. PERSONAL RANT, SOCIAL MEDIA.

I think it’s important to take the first 15 – 30 minutes of each day to plan the day ahead. I sit down with a piece of paper and write my ‘To Do List’ But if you fail to celebrate your daily successes, the ‘never decreasing’  ‘To Do List’ can seem like a burden. TIME MANAGEMENT.

We are over relying on computers and it is having a detrimental affect on our brains and memory. Some scary information with a side order of hope. PERSONAL RANT, TIPS.

I have been a voice over artiste for many years and love some of the cool little gadgets I have found and bought to improve my home studio facility. TIPS, INFORMATION, VOICE OVERS.

For most Corporate Video Producers there will be nothing new here. But it never hurts to remind ourselves what it’s all about. Here are the 5 most important things to remember as a Corporate Video Producer. TIPS, CORPORATE.

Put off  –  Delay  –  Postpone   –  Adjourn  –  Drag your feet  – Hang fire  –  Defer  –  Dawdle… If we want to stop procrastinating, we have to explore how to stop it and not why we do it. TIME MANAGEMENT, TIPS.

I have had some fantastic clients over the years. But the reason for this post, is to look at how you can dealt with a problematic clients. MANAGEMENT, TIPS, CORPORATE.

I love the internet… If there is something I don’t know, I can find it on the big WWW! For all of the amazing stuff on the web and all of the resources and information, how come (with having all of this at their finger tips) do people ask such ‘Dumb Questions’? PERSONAL RANT!