The Realistic Project

The Realistic Project is based on research regarding complaints made against films and TV companies.

Despite the quality of today’s editing, grading and sound equipment, over the last decade, complaints have increased. The main culprits that have been cited include NetFlix, Amazon, BBC, Stan and many others. These complaints are often about the same four things.

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1 – Mumbling and Growling Actors

This is the number one complaint. But in reply, the TV & Film Producers say it is deliberate to make scenes more realistic. Many TV viewers state they have been forced to resort to using subtitles. Directors are persuading actors to downplay their delivery and almost throw their lines away, thinking it is more realistic. Personally, I blame Bruce Willis!

2 – Loud Music & Soundscape

Many people believe that the music is not only loud at crucial moments but is often composed in such a form as to not add anything to the emotions of the scene. It is hardly surprising that more native speakers watch with the subtitles on. TV systems are not designed for surround sound. The absence or incorrect integration of a central sound bar can make the dialogue much harder to hear, as can listening to it without the system mix that was part of the design. But that is still an excuse because if you check the Db meter, dialogue is always lower than the music or soundscape.

3 – Dark Grading

For many viewers, television & films are often too dark. This is not in the subject matter but in the cinematography and editing. The producers believe this makes the movie or TV series look more expensive. But, even with costly TV sets, some viewers can’t make out the action of their favourite shows, let alone those who try watching programs on smaller screens.


With budget cuts over the past 20 years, TV companies have had to take scripts and lengthen them to secure air time. The element of taking a story and adding pointless and confusing subplots to increase the length of a one-hour and extending it to six one-hour slots is commonplace. Include handheld & shaky camera shots for spine-tingling immersion, and you have a recipe for driving your average Joe Bloggs viewer crazy. The result is that several of these companies have seen their stocks fall in recent years.

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The Realistic Project is a 3-Part Short Series

Part-1: RAV is a consummate theatrical actor working on a new TV series. The Director has a mission to give the audience what he believes they need – Realism. Not only has he to deal with his mumbling scene partner TOM – But the subtitles, dubbing, and grading too. With everything going against what he knows and believes, the end can only result in tears.

The production date is set for 11th October 2022

Part-2: Never before seen lost now found footage from The Making of… The Realistic Project. It is the only remaining recording of interviews with the two lead actors, RAV & TOM.

The production date is set for 18th September 2022

Part-3: RAV has a new role in a horror film. In this scene, he is being pursued by dark forces. The Director guides and pushes his camera operator to use a nerve-jangling handheld shaky cam. This effect reaffirms the film’s realism. The reality is all that happens is it makes RAV sick.

The production date is planned for November 2022
Notes from the Writer/Producer
My aim is to create a humorous but pointed take on the complaints of so many film and TV viewers. For many, it has become unbearable. Netflix and others have seen many series losing viewers at an alarming rate. We’ve already seen Netflix picot away from its liberal agenda. FOX NEWS Viewers are often told what reality is! – Regardless of whether that reality is based on truth or not. They are also preached at by the big production companies and filmmakers about how they should react, live and feel.
The three scripts are complete and ready to shoot. My aim is to keep the cast and crew to a minimum. For me, the highlight of producing them will be to see if the audience at festivals GET IT! The prime motivation is fun. Fun in the craft, in learning in doing.
Get In Touch Anthony Straeger Writer Director

The Realist Project Part 1

Part 1 – When reality is an interpretation


Rav – O’neil Sharma Tom – Anthony Straeger Director – Joshua van’t Hoff Assistant Director – Viktoria Ngotsé Ukrainian Dubb – Oleg Karpenko German Dubb – David Brand Italian Dubb – Sara Crusi


Writer & Producer – Anthony Straeger
Director – Alex Pfander
Director of Photography – Philippe Rive
Sound – Marco Puerto
VO Sound – Reinier van der Veer
Music – Mirko Rizzello
Stills – Philippe Rive

Part 2 – The lost saved found footage of the Making Of…

The Realistic Project Part 2 Rav


Rav – O’neil Sharma
Tom – Anthony Straeger


Tech – Anthony Straeger
Music – Mirko Rizzello

The Realistic Project Part 2 Tom