Other Work

Here is a selection of Articles, Workshops, Courses and Corporate that covers my other work. Manage Your Time and Becoming Happier is my first book. The aim was to cover my interest in the art of time management. My second book An Independent Filmmakers Guide to Preparing and Submitting to Film Festivals was release in July 2020 and is aimed at helping independent filmmakers.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the other work links below or want more information, please GET IN TOUCH. Here are the pages and an outline of what you will find:

Articles: Here you will find a selection of articles primarily written on LinkedIn.

Managing Your Time & Being Happier: The course information and book are available here.

Corporate Work: Samples and information on some of the companies I’ve worked for.

Workshops: Past and present workshops available on scriptwriting and Film Festival Submissions.

Public speaking

From panel discussions to presentations, I have addressed various audiences around the UK and Europe. Having trained as an actor is a benefit to me. It gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to address an audience. Over the last few years, I have spoken on behalf of the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest at the British Embassy in Berlin. The program involved a presentation of short films on AI and its impact on our world today.

In 2019, I was invited to be a guest speaker and panellist at Festival Live 2019, Brighton, UK. The event dealt with the development and promotion of festivals. I have prepared presentations on Scriptwriting and developmentUnderstanding & submitting to film festivals and The art of independent filmmaking.

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